Azoia de Baixo is a very old village, founded before nationality. The first known historical data concerns a charter letter dated April 13, 1255, granted by King D. Afonso III.
With 4,750 km2 of geographical area and 297 inhabitants according to the 2011 census, Azoia de Baixo, located in the “Bairro” area, is one of the smallest rural parishes in the Municipality of Santarém-Portugal.
It is a pleasant, peaceful and picturesque village. Its white houses, which the May roses color with charm, develop in a valley nestled at the foot of green hills, on the right bank of a small stream. Its centuries-old palm trees give it an exotic touch and its olive groves, which Herculano immortalized, cornfields and small vegetable gardens link it to a past of agricultural traditions, to the ancestral activity of its primitive inhabitants – survival agriculture.

And it was precisely in the floodplain of this place traversed in all its length by the blessed river that comes from Fatima that for hundreds of years wine was planted. Now, Quinta Marques d´Azoia does justice to the sacred place and launches the best wines ever produced in the wine world.